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Riverbed enables organizations to modernize their networks and applications with industry-leading SD-WAN, application acceleration, and visibility solutions. Riverbed’s platform allows enterprises to transform application and cloud performance into a competitive advantage by maximizing employee productivity and leveraging IT to create new forms of operational agility. Riverbed earns more than $1 billion in annual revenue from 28,000+ customers — including 97% of the Fortune 100 and 98% of the Forbes Global 100.

Riverbed leverages an ecosystem of nearly 3,000 channel partners, including service providers, systems integrators, resellers, and distributors. Riverbed Rise is our unique partner program, with a focus on partner performance and capability.

Simplicity, Flexibility, Profitability

Riverbed Rise is built around a simple premise: you know best what your business and your customers need—and therefore you need a simple and flexible program that enables you to adapt as quickly as possible to a rapidly changing marketplace, all the while maintaining or increasing your profitability.

Riverbed Rise is built around two simple elements:

  • Achievement Areas are strategic priorities identified by Riverbed that are tied to the accumulation of specific Rise Dividends. As Rise Partners achieve results in these areas, they accumulate Dividends.
  • Dividends are Riverbed-awarded value tied to results in Achievement Areas and used to determine a Partner’s level in the program. As they meet specific Dividend thresholds and reach higher levels, Rise Partners will receive higher discounts.

In addition to these specific elements, Riverbed Partners have access to the full range of additional benefits to drive sales, including Not For Resale equipment and software, Training, Marketing Support — and much more. In addition, select Partners and Distributors may be able to apply for Business Development Funds, and Distributors are eligible for specific Cash Rebates.

Riverbed Rise includes value propositions for Riverbed’s value-added resellers and Riverbed Distributors. Together we work to meet our joint customers’ needs by leveraging Riverbed value-add services and solutions.

Become a Riverbed Rise Partner

Value-added distribution partners offer a wide range of services to their partners. These can include product delivery, training and enablement, support and marketing tools that drive resale partner success with their customers. 

Become a Riverbed Rise Partner

Riverbed service providers are highly skilled and serve as the trusted advisor for some of the world’s leading multinational corporations. They provide regional and global expertise for organizations of all shapes and sizes helping their customers to save time, money, and resources resulting in quicker ROI and lower TCO.

Become a Riverbed Rise Partner

Systems Integrators partner with Riverbed to offer customers best-of-breed solutions that provide rapid ROI on increased application acceleration, IT consolidation, and network and application visibility. Services built on Riverbed technology range from network assessments, health checks, and installation and configuration to ongoing management of customers’ IT environments. 

Become a Riverbed Rise Partner