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Performance for the Digital Age

The age of digital business is here. By 2021, at least 50% of global GDP will be digitized, as companies race to develop new processes and business models to secure a lasting competitive edge.

In this digital age, performance is everything. According to a recent Riverbed survey, 99% of business leaders report that the delivery of digital services and apps is critical for future business success.

However, a major challenge remains. Limited visibility into the digital experience and the constraints of legacy IT infrastructure are throttling digital performance. The resulting performance gap diminishes productivity, disrupts the customer experience, and negatively impacts the business bottom-line.

The Digital Performance Gap and How to Address It:

  • 95% of businesses face challenges achieving a successful digital strategy

  • 80% report that important digital services fail a few times a month or more

  • 99% feel having visibility across a customer’s digital experience is critical to managing it successfully

  • 98% agree that a next-gen infrastructure is critical to improving digital performance

Riverbed digital performance platform

Recognizing the need to maximize digital performance, Riverbed offers a unified and integrated platform that ensures superior digital experiences, delivers new levels of operational agility, and accelerates digital business outcomes.
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Apps are more distributed than ever before, and point monitoring tools only offer limited visibility into performance and the resulting user experience. Riverbed unifies device-based user experience, application, infrastructure, and network monitoring to provide a holistic view of a user’s digital experience, with clear insights into how that experience directly impacts business results.

  • End-user Experience
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Network Performance
  • Application Performance
  • Monitors user interactions on any cloud, mobile, or web app running on any device
  • Baselines collected performance metrics and automatically detects problems, generates alerts, and opens tickets when deviations occur
  • Analyzes and visualizes the impact of app wait times, crashes, and errors on the user experience
  • Identifies trends and impacts of lost productivity over time
  • Helps identify and troubleshoot issues impacting the health and availability of infrastructure devices
  • Continually discovers new or changed components, including modifications that may impact infrastructure stability
  • Ensures network integrity, security, and compliance with automated network maps and diagrams, as well as enterprise-wide audits
  • Enables smarter planning and design decisions with predictive, what-if analyses to manage risks and cost associated with network growth
  • Diagnoses complex network issues by uniquely combining SNMP polling, flow, and packet capture
  • Identifies abnormalities as they occur using automated discovery and dependency mapping and real-time analytics and baselining
  • Helps validate network readiness and proper capacity planning using powerful what-if analyses
  • Provides valuable security forensics if an attack occurs and helps identify potential threats by monitoring for unusual usage or traffic flows
  • Helps IT find and fix issues faster by capturing all transactions, for all users, paired with innovative analytics and powerful visualizations
  • Simplifies the management of cloud and containerized apps with scalable, full-stack monitoring
  • Improves IT productivity with common data sets that streamline troubleshooting and decision-making
  • Pinpoints development priorities by highlighting what code or feature improvements will have the largest financial impact
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Traditional networks can’t keep up with the frenetic pace of modern businesses. Riverbed is transforming connectivity for the digital age with a complete cloud-to-edge networking solution that is powerful, yet simple and combines SD-WAN, SD-LAN/Wi-Fi, WAN optimization, and network visibility.

  • SD-WAN
  • SD-LAN
  • Enables IT to bring new sites online in minutes with zero-touch provisioning and a shadow appliance concept 
  • Simplifies management through centralized, business-aligned policies, where changes are instantly deployed across the network 
  • Securely connects to AWS and Azure at any site in one click
  • Improves performance with quality-based path selection that ensures traffic is always steered over the optimal link
  • Reduces bandwidth usage by up to 95x through data deduplication and transport streamlining techniques and minimizing the impacts of chatty protocols
  • Accelerates performance by up to 100x for IaaS- and 33x for SaaS-hosted applications
  • Enables faster troubleshooting of network and application problems with integrated visibility
  • Simplifies the configuration and deployment of new network services with application-aware policies
  • Centralizes Wi-Fi management via a cloud-based console for better operational efficiency
  • Scales seamlessly as demand grows, as capacity is boosted with one click via high-density, software-defined access points
  • Assures performance for critical apps by prioritizing traffic via a DPI engine that recognizes 2,000+ apps
  • Provides role-based access with SSO to Azure and Google; granular user- and device-based policies are also enforced globally
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Data—the lifeblood of any digital business—always needs to be at our fingertips. But this means most data is stored at the edge, increasing risk of loss and downtime. Riverbed balances data availability and security concerns by combining cloud networking, intelligent storage caching, and high-performance compute, delivering unprecedented ease and flexibility in managing edge IT.

  • SD-LAN
  • Data Services
  • Extensible Platform
  • Centralizes Wi-Fi management via a cloud-based console for better operational efficiency
  • Scales seamlessly as usage demands grow, including support for IoT
  • Assures performance for critical apps by prioritizing traffic via a DPI engine that recognizes 2,000+ apps
  • On-boards all devices simply and securely, including IoT sensors
  • Delivers role-based access with SSO to Azure and Google; granular user- and device-based policies are enforced globally
  • Enables edge infrastructure to be collapsed back into the data center or cloud, slashing CapEx while securing 100% of data
  • Improves agility as all apps, data, and network services can be quickly deployed and managed centrally
  • Enhances BC/DR plans by recovering from site outages in seconds, with little to no data loss
  • Delivers local-like experiences by instantly and securely projecting data out to the edge
  • Integrates third-party services, such as virtualized network or security functions, to further control costs and simplify operations
  • Runs other offerings from Riverbed, such as SD-WAN or WANOP, to further consolidate IT footprints
  • Enables critical line-of-business apps, including IoT, on a single platform without sacrificing performance or compute power
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The digitalization at Maersk Line has been significant. Five years ago, 20% of our revenue was digital, and today it's over 90%. Riverbed’s scalable and stable digital performance platform has been critical in helping us accelerate our business, respond quickly to changing business needs and reach our cloud and digital transformation goals.

Andy Laurence, Head of Production Services at Maersk

With [Riverbed], our team can now effectively monitor end-user experience for any business-critical application in our vast IT environment. It gives everyone, including key business decision makers, confidence in our ability to deliver digital excellence. People have more enthusiasm to look at the problems, to be proactive, and to make our customer journeys as effective as possible.

Matt Greaves, Technology Director at Travis Perkins

Anything that we can do to differentiate ourselves is going to benefit the company. I’m happy that I can play a role in that and that I’ve helped to improve the performance of our mobile and web apps so that we get a better customer experience. And I did that using the Riverbed products.

Patrick O’Leary, VP of Technical Infrastructure at Southeastern Grocers

As Australia’s largest and most iconic lighting retailer, it is essential we keep pace with the digital age, and still provide an optimal in-store experience for our customers, Riverbed SteelConnect appealed to us because of the ability to simply deploy and manage Wi-Fi and SD-WAN together from a single cloud console.

Mick Tan, CIO at Beacon Lighting

We’ve been totally impressed with the performance we’ve been able to deliver using the Riverbed platform. It’s been a powerful enabler of our digital transformation strategy, empowering me and my team to deliver tangible outcomes for the business. In an industry where competition is stiff – and being at the forefront is critical – this is everything.

Pratap Gharge, Executive President and CIO, Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

We’ve shown colleagues that the strategy of globalization and digitization is working. The improvements are clear: an 80% improvement in application response times and 4.5x more data through the same bandwidth.

Francois Jolles, CIO at IUCN


Brings networking into the cloud-era with a powerful offering that combines SD-WAN, SD-LAN, application acceleration, and network visibility to:

  • Provision new sites in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Leverage business-intent policies and unified connectivity across LAN, wireless LAN, WAN, cloud and data center
  • Simplify management with centralized orchestration and automation—not router by router—for increased efficiency
  • Gain performance with fast, secure connectivity to critical apps, no matter where users need to access them
The results:
improved agility, performance, AND reliability.
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Blends end-user experience, network, infrastructure, and application monitoring for a holistic view of the end user’s digital experience.

  • End-to-end approach to digital experience management for a complete picture of performance
  • Helps IT ensure performance across the entire application stack—including in on-premises, cloud, and mobile environments
  • Resolve issues for quicker problem resolution and to identify areas for improvement
The results:
better visibility AND control over end-user experience, on and off the cloud.
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Combines cloud networking, storage caching, and high-performance compute into a single and extensible software-defined platform.

  • Physically separating compute and storage to provide flexibility for branch locations and edge computing applications
  • Efficiently deploy and remotely manage apps, data, and network services to support the unique requirements of any edge location
  • Centralize data in the data center or cloud where it is 100% secure, while still providing local-like experiences at the edge
The results:
Reduced risks AND improved performance.
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