Assuring enterprise-class performance for Skype for Business

Assure Productivity of Users

The success of every Skype for Business deployment can be measured by the degree of user adoption. Too often, adoption is hampered by technical issues that lead to decreased user productivity. With Riverbed solutions we assure the productivity of Skype for Business users through:

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Monitoring the Skype for Business Environment

Performance monitoring requires proper real-time, measurement of key performance indicators including call quality, service availability, call completion, adoption rates and more. Riverbed SteelCentral UCExpert provides a complete solution to manage your Skype for Business environment.

Troubleshooting UC Issues

Troubleshooting Skype for Business Issues

Determine the root cause of a Skype for Business problem can be a guessing game. Is it a device issue? The app? A network issue or infrastructure? By integrating network and infrastructure quality metrics into our hop-by-hop media path views you get a graphical illustration of the media path taken for a single call that allows you to quickly isolate the source of network-based Skype for Business problems.

Monitoring Endpoint Health

Monitoring Skype for Business Endpoint Health

Just as with any other business critical app, the performance of Skype for Business depends on the performance and health of the endpoint. SteelCentral Aternity monitors the client application for sluggish responsiveness or crashes. Aternity correlates user interactions, device health, and app performance as seen by the end user to enable IT to troubleshoot and resolve endpoint issues quickly.