Ensure a Successful Migration and Excellent End User Experience

How to Dial Down the Risk of a Windows 10 Migration

Migrate With Confidence

Windows 10 holds enormous potential for your enterprise, but how will you know whether it delivers? With the right tools, you can compare user experience before and after the migration, so you can measure the improvement in experience. 


Calculate the ROI of the migration

Justify the Cost of the Migration

Experts estimate that a Windows 10 migration costs $404 per user and takes 12-18 months. How do you know whether it was worth it? Riverbed provides the tools to measure user experience on your current OS, then on Windows 10, so you can calculate what that boost in productivity means to your bottom line.

Rationalize Your Apps Before You Migrate

Rationalize Your Apps Before You Migrate

Before you blindly migrate every application to Windows 10, why not first see what value each one delivers for your enterprise? With Riverbed, you can see how many users are actively using each application and use that insight to decide which apps are worth migrating.