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When it’s mission critical, full visibility matters

Enterprise Defence networks are the backbone of the modern military. Command and control rely on data, insights and actions coming together at speed to make decisions that drive mission success.
Colonel (Retired) Joseph Pishock, former Director of Networks and Services for US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), spoke at MilCIS 2023 about the importance of building visibility into Defence network environments.
Find out more about how Riverbed’s Unified Observability solutions helped Joseph Pishock gain control over USSOCOM’s digital domains.

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Unified Observability

Riverbed’s Unified Observability platform is designed to improve visibility and control in complex, hybrid IT environments like Defence.
The platform collects and integrates data across user experience, network and application performance. AI and machine learning also automate workflows to analyse masses of data to produce actionable insights that strengthen decision-making and empower IT personnel.

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Unified Observability of Enterprise Defence Networks

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Who is Joseph Pishock?

As the former Director of Networks and Services for US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Colonel (R) Pishock oversaw operations of the fourth-largest network in the US Department of Defense.
At MilCIS 2023, he shared how important network visibility is for mission-critical operations. His success achieving this with Riverbed’s Unified Observability platform at USSOCOM demonstrates how critical the solution is for Command to ensure operational continuity and mission success in Defence.

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How Visibility Improves Decisions in Defence

Riverbed enabled Colonel (R) Joseph Pishock to make some big decisions. He discusses why closed, secure military systems don’t work, and why moving to open networks and using collaborative cloud spaces allows Defence to plan for the future and innovate outside of crisis.

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Visibility Helps USSOCOM Gain Control

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The Evolution of Digital Infrastructure in Defence

Listen to the Defence Connect podcast with Colonel (R) Joseph Pishock discussing what it’s like managing the fourth largest network in the US Department of Defense, and the impact the rapid advance of technology is having on digital infrastructure.

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Defence Connect with Joseph Pishock

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How to Achieve Visibility Across Defence Networks

Colonel (R) Joseph Pishock gives his top tips on how to achieve visibility across complex defence networks. He shares insights into why a partnership with professional services is critical, how to measure success and why closed networks don’t work.

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5 Tips on for Unified Observability in Defence


Network Transformation in Defence

Defence networks are typically a complicated mix of custom-built, legacy and new IT systems, but this complexity can have negative impacts on performance. Colonel (R) Joseph Pishock discusses his experience using Riverbed technology at USSOCOM to simplify and create visibility across its vast IT networks.

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Overhauling Defence’s IT networks


Move, Shoot, Communicate

At MilCIS 2023, Colonel (R) Joseph Pishock gave a compelling presentation about the importance of having both control and manoeuvrability on the battlefield. Even the brightest minds can’t make the right decisions without the proper tools and Riverbed’s technology was instrumental in giving teams the insights to retain control while also maximising agility in mission critical situations.

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Cyberspace Manoeuvrability


A Major Naval Command

Mission success is measured in milliseconds.

Department of Transportation (DoT)

Execute agency IT Modernization programs and migrate workloads strategically by achieving visibility from the data center to the cloud.

NSW Government Agency 

How Aternity Supported Essential Eight Compliance for a NSW Government Agency.


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