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Unifying Data, Insights, and Actions at Mission Speed
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Public Sector Missions Demand Seamless Digital Experiences

At all levels of government and across all types of missions, Riverbed’s Platform solutions are helping organizations thrive and become more resilient. Meeting today’s challenges — strengthening IT security, advancing digital transformation, improving user experiences, supporting hybrid workforces – demands networks that offer actionable insights, seamlessly and at scale. Riverbed’s deep experience and proven solutions help public sector organizations meet these challenges, solve pain points, and achieve outcomes that allow for continued mission success.


Driving Public Sector Missions Forward


Accelerate IT Modernization and Mission Success

Achieve Unified Observability with Riverbed

The Riverbed Platform aligns data from across complex hybrid network environments and offers insights that lead to IT action. Enable effective cross-domain collaboration and decision-making to accelerate MTTR.

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Improving End-User Experience for Mission Readiness


Accelerate Any App for Any Mission – Anywhere

No matter the type of application or mission environment, Riverbed’s acceleration solutions boost the performance of any application, including SATCOM and those encrypted with SSL/TLS, by up to 10x while reducing network bandwidth needs by up to 99%.

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Milliseconds Matter to Mission Success


Ensure the Performance of Hybrid Workforces

Riverbed’s solutions help ensure the peak performance and productivity of the networks, apps and devices remote users need to achieve mission success anywhere, at any time.

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Deliver Visibility into Network Issues with Unified Observability


Leverage Visibility as the Foundation for Zero Trust

The new mantra is to assume that adversaries are in your network and operate with zero trust. Riverbed’s Platform solutions remove blind spots and aligns NetOps, SecOps, and IT Teams to see across the entire network environment and proactively seek out threats.

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Become Cyber Threat Hunters


Improve the Performance of Government Networks and Applications

Ensure the performance and productivity of government networks and apps

Optimize Tactical and Satellite Communications

From the edge to command and control, mission-critical users demand reliable communications over satellite and terrestrial networks.

Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence and Control

Execute agency IT Modernization programs and migrate workloads strategically by achieving visibility from the data center to the cloud

Accelerate Encrypted Network Traffic and Apps

Simplify the process of accelerating SSL/TLS traffic and apps to unlock additional network capacity

Achieve Cyber Resilience

Riverbed enables cyber resilience - the ability to respond & recover based on what’s happening now, and what’s likely to happen next.

Simplify IT Modernization Initiatives

Riverbed offers innovative, cutting edge solutions to today's IT Modernization initiatives through end-to-end visibility and support across complex infrastructure and applications.


Riverbed Platform

Learn how the Riverbed Platform extracts the value of data with actionable insights and intelligent automation

Riverbed is on a path to delivering an observability solution that unifies data, insights, and actions for all IT. With unified observability, IT can eliminate data silos, war rooms, and alert fatigue.

Application Acceleration

Accelerating applications and services across the digital enterprise – fast, agile and secure app delivery to anyone, anywhere

The rapid pace of digitization and transformational shifts to hybrid work, modern application architectures, and hybrid cloud networks make it difficult for IT teams to keep digital services accessible.


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Dive into the world of Gov CX

View this customer video to hear how Riverbed’s US Air Force customer solves UX challenges with Riverbed solutions.

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