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As companies shift towards hybrid IT models, measuring device and application performance metrics alone is not enough to provide a comprehensive understanding of the employee experience. Directly engaging with employees can provide visibility beyond app and device performance data, providing a pathway to improve the digital experience.

Objective data can provide insights into digital experience. However, it doesn’t capture the actual feelings of the user that are necessary to truly understand how they’re interacting with technologies and capture frustrations that go beyond the device and app performance metrics. Service desks can send out email surveys, yet, these tend to have poor response rates, as users will either ignore or overlook those types of touchpoints. Having a blindside on what and how the employees feel on a day-to-day basis can negatively impact business outcomes—impeding digital transformation initiatives, adoption of new services or increasing turnover.

The solution needs to be frictionless and fast for users. To bridge this gap, RiverbedAternity has released Aternity Sentiment in public beta, a holistic solution for digital experience management that captures both quantitative and qualitative data. By integrating Sentiment with digital experience management (DEM) workflows, organizations can assess the total user experience and discover hidden issues tied to how users feel about the technologies they interact with, IT teams can analyze this data and prioritize where to make investments to meet XLAs.

How does it work?

By capturing both objective and qualitative data, Aternity Sentiment gives IT leaders a comprehensive understanding of the digital employee experience by adding the human element to the data they collect. IT teams create customizable surveys to capture accurate feedback from users and address issues. For example, IT can get details on how a certain application may be running on a user’s Windows 10 desktop after an update rolls out, or assess their experience with battery performance on a laptop that other users have reported.

IT leaders can even analyze the users’ feelings regarding a digital transformation initiative by having multiple checkpoints during rollouts of new services, enabling a direct, two-way communication of real-time information. They can even engage directly with employees on potential issues related to their systems and provide details to address those issues without the need to log in a ticket, saving time for both end-users and IT teams.

By also viewing Aternity Digital Experience Index (DXI) data, IT can identify hot spots that require employee engagement by gathering their actual experience where unaddressed issues could result in poor Aternity DXI scores. With built-in filtering capabilities that show performance by business unit, device manufacturer, and more, Aternity’s DXI capabilities show immediate, targeted performance insights and set IT on the right path to diagnose root cause and solve issues that go beyond the device and app metrics.

Aternity Sentiment survey
IT can create customizable surveys to capture accurate feedback from users.

For end-users, Aternity Sentiment empowers them to provide insights and give them a voice, giving them a channel to provide feedback on new technology rollouts, application and device experiences, and overall company initiatives. When they log into their machines, they will get a notification indicating a survey question the IT team has targeted them to address.

Sentiment survey response data
IT teams can analyze Aternity Sentiment survey response data.

From there, IT teams can analyze the results (OOTB or Create Your Own) or export them to their own tool via our REST API and augment that with the data that Aternity DEM already collects. From there, they can focus on what areas to improve. For example, when Aternity detects that Excel is performing poorly, do users notice or is it a background process that went undetected? Based on the responses, IT teams can prioritize accordingly. This ensures they’re leveraging all the tools at their disposal to ensure they’re meeting experience goals.

Aternity Sentiment is a game-changer in digital experience analytics. By capturing qualitative feedback along with objective performance data, Aternity Sentiment provides a complete understanding of the digital employee experience, enabling organizations to drive increased customer satisfaction and employee productivity. To learn more, check out the Aternity Sentiment Beta user guide.

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