Riverbed Unified Agent Simplifies Agent Management

Heidi Gabrielson

Is your Service Desk team suffering from agent fatigue due to the constant effort required to qualify, install, and manage your agent fleet? Are agent incompatibility issues causing collision challenges? Are your users’ digital experiences hindered by too many agents on their devices?

Consider this: Riverbed polled 40,074 Mac devices and found an average of 31 agents per device. Some of these agents take three minutes or more to boot, and they average just under one crash per month per device.

Does this sound familiar? What if you could cut through the alert fatigue, overcome staffing shortages, and reduce the number of software agents you need to manage?

A single Unified Agent solution

Riverbed Unified Agent is an essential element of the Riverbed Observability and Optimization Platform. It was built from day one to be a single agent solution for deploying and managing Riverbed agent-based modules, as well as select third-party offerings.

Unified Agent provides a combination of selectable services. Today, these services include:

  • Aternity EUE for end-user experience monitoring of device and application performance
  • Aternity Digital Assistant for polling user sentiment
  • NPM+ Core for monitoring TCP network and application performance (beta)

Additional modules will be coming soon.

Simply deploy Unified Agent once, then load the desired modules onto the devices you choose. This results in massive scalability and efficiency with less effort.

Riverbed Unified Agent simplifies agent deployment and management.
Riverbed Unified Agent simplifies agent deployment and management.

Unified Agent makes it easy to deploy, update, and manage agent modules. Deploy it once and get automatic updates of both the agent and modules (or opt to update them manually, it’s your choice).  Easily add or disable agent modules and see the status of all deployment of all modules.

Additional benefits of using a single agent include:

  • A single installation process
  • A single point of management for enabling module features
  • One-time validation of agent security
  • Easy addition or disabling of agent modules
  • Built-in governance to protect customer assets
  • Automatic updates of modules
  • Support for third-party modules certified by Riverbed

In short, Unified Agent enhances IT efficiency, reduces costs, and improves user experience.

Selectable modules support full-stack observability

Unified Agent future-proofs your agent strategy by providing immediate access to a library of selectable modules. These modules are controlled through a single SaaS-based management console. They capture full-fidelity data across the spectrum and direct key metrics to either Riverbed Aternity or the new Riverbed NPM+ cloud network observability service.

To learn more about Riverbed Unified Agent, click here.

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