Riverbed Unwraps New AI-Powered Platform, Expands Observability and Intelligence Solutions

Heidi Gabrielson

Today, Riverbed unveiled one of our biggest launches in Riverbed history! It includes new observability and intelligence products and a revolutionary AI-powered Observability and Acceleration platform designed to enhance IT operations and improve digital experiences. With a focus on providing actionable insights, the new platform addresses the challenges posed by the ever-increasing complexity of IT environments.

As we all know, ITOps teams face the daunting task of managing vast amounts of data and alerts without sufficient context or actionable insights. Riverbed’s Platform empowers IT professionals by streamlining cross-domain data analysis and correlation to reduce the number of alerts your team must triage and then automates diagnosis and remediation.

The Riverbed Platform

The innovative Riverbed Platform approach combines observability and acceleration modules with enabling technology that supports accurate data collection and analysis, and our integration library of pre-built expert remediations, automations, and application integrations that automate problem identification and resolution. More specifically,

  • Platform modules collect high-fidelity data across the entire IT stack, including digital experience, infrastructure, network, cloud, and application observability and application acceleration solutions. Key metrics from across Riverbed Observability modules are ingested into our powerful AI automation service to identify service-impacting events and automate diagnosis and remediation.
  • The enabling technology layer supports accurate data collection using our Edge Collector, Riverbed Unified Agent and the Riverbed Data Store, while capabilities like Topology Viewer, AI, Automation and dashboards ensure accurate analysis of this data.​
  • The integrations library gives our customers access to out-of-the-box third-part integrations. Pre-built application integrations facilitate easy integration with popular third-party software into automation workflows, including ITSM, business process, business productivity, and security solutions. While low-code graphical workflow processes permit IT to build or customize remediations, automation and integrations to optimize them for their specific IT environment.

With the ability to integrate data sources into a single view, the Riverbed Platform makes it easy to deliver precise answers that keeps IT running. In short, the Riverbed Platform offers the means to not only cope with the evolving digital landscape but to thrive in it, relieving IT of the burden of manually collecting and analyzing data from across IT systems.

Riverbed Platform
The Riverbed Platform consists of three tiers: data collection modules that feed the AIOps engine; enabling technology that assists in data collection and analysis; and the integration library that delivers built-in integrations and remediations.

Only Riverbed delivers full-stack observability  

Modern IT and cloud environments are highly complex and dynamic, creating a significant need for observability solutions that leverage AI automation. Similarly, organizations are facing more digital experience challenges as they increasingly rely on mobile devices for employees to do their jobs. ​According to Samsung, 61% of organizations provide “corporate owned” mobile devices to a portion of their workforce. ​

Today’s announcement significantly expands Riverbed’s observability capabilities to include monitoring end user experience on mobile devices; support for integrated overlay and underlay visibility for popular SD-WAN solutions; and new cloud monitoring capabilities.

The new observability capabilities include:

  • Riverbed Aternity Mobile makes employees more productive and improves business results by enabling IT teams to proactively identify digital experience issues on enterprise-provided mobile devices to enable prescriptive, targeted remediation actions. No other DEM vendor supports these capabilities.
Aternity Mobile Screenshot
Aternity Mobile identifies chronic issues with mobile devices and apps by tracking trends in mobile device health over time.
  • Riverbed NPM+ is a new cloud observability service that overcomes traditional network blind spots created by remote work, public cloud, and encrypted architectures. Riverbed NPM+ ensures holistic network observability by extending visibility to previously unmonitored network locations. By collecting decrypted data at every user and server endpoint (including Kubernetes environments), NPM+ fills the visibility gaps caused by encrypted tunnels in Zero Trust environments.
  • Riverbed Unified Agent is an innovative common agent strategy to streamline deployment, management, and updates of Riverbed’s agent-based offerings. Using selectable modules, it helps IT reduce agent fatigue and agent conflict. The only agent management solution to support endpoint monitoring for both end user experience and network observability, Unified Agent helps realize the value of Riverbed’s AI-ready telemetry, delivering intelligence, observability and a seamless experience anywhere, for anyone.
  • Riverbed NetProfiler adds support for VeloCloud SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN (formerly Viptela). It integrates overlay and underlay views for clearer troubleshooting of SD-WAN health and performance issues.

New Intelligence 

AI is the next big transformation in IT and a number one priority of IT leadership. The Riverbed Platform is well positioned to help customers build successful AI and automation strategies with easy deployment and implementation. Our AIOps service enables IT teams to apply AI across their observability tools and embed AI-driven automation to increase IT efficiencies, scale to increased workloads, and reduce the time and cost of problem identification and remediation.

The cornerstone of the Riverbed Platform is Riverbed IQ, a SaaS-delivered AI automation. This 2.0 release enhances automation by enabling workflow processes to be scheduled or run on-demand, while custom tags support more detailed prioritization. The new Integration Library lets customers easily incorporate third-party data into their troubleshooting workflows using ready-made sub-flows. Finally, direct integration of Riverbed AppResponse improves the richness of IQ’s analytics and correspondingly improves automated diagnosis.

Also new is Intelligent Service Desk by Aternity that increases service desk and call center efficiency and availability. Unlike other DEM solutions that offer a multitude of remediation scripts designed to address narrow use cases, Aternity sets itself apart with AI-driven intelligent service desk for troubleshooting and resolving recurring device issues before they are raised as tickets. Using customizable workflow processes, Aternity replicates advanced investigations by correlating end-user impact and real-time granular performance data to identify incident root cause. Aternity dynamically mimics expert decision-making by integrating user sentiment with its remediation workflows using composable actions. Its flexible logic employs interactive feedback with optimal engagement levels to resolve simple and complex issues. For unresolved issues, a ticket is routed to the right level with the necessary context for swift resolution.

View this Intelligent Service Desk video to learn more:

For more information, please watch the launch webcast with Riverbed CEO Dave Donatelli and CTO Richard Tworek!

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