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  • Lack of visibility of end-user experience affects productivity
  • Requirement to proactively identify and resolve application performance issues
  • Increased number of cyber attacks


  • Alluvio™ Aternity Digital Experience Management (DEM)
  • Alluvio NetProfiler, Alluvio Portal and Alluvio Flow Gateway


  • Consistent and effective support to end-users
  • Improved issue detection and resolution, bolstering the support teams’ capacity and improving productivity
  • Improved visibility and security even as employees work from home


Artelia Group is a multi-disciplinary independent group offering a full range of engineering related services. The company was looking to provide a more secure platform and improved user experience. With Alluvio Aternity and the Alluvio NPM portfolio from Riverbed, the company gained visibility across endpoints, networks, and applications, with increased speed and ease of use.

Artelia Group is headquartered in France, with 7,000 employees working across 40 countries around the globe. It is one of the top 15 consulting and engineering firms in Europe with a revenue of €745m in 2021. “Our mission is to design solutions for apositive life. And those solutions typically fall within the space of mobility, buildings, energy, and the water industry,” says Antoine Labrosse, Chief Digital Officer at Artelia. The company’s project portfolio covers both local projects and large-scale schemes such as the Greater Paris Metro extension, which will add 200 kilometers of track and 68 stations to one of Europe’s biggest metro systems.

Challenge: Increasing visibility into end-user experience and networks

A few years ago, Artelia embarked on a digital transformation journey, aiming to remodel its IT department into a new entity as a digital business unit: Artelia Digital Solutions. “In our industry, an engineering company can do hundreds or thousands of projects each year, so developing platforms and digital services is not about an individual project, it’s about making sure that it works from one project to the next, and ensuring it continuously improves,” says Labrosse.

Integrating new subsidiaries into Artelia Digital was a major priority for the company. The projects Artelia takes on involve many employees collaborating on multiple critical applications over vast distances. Any issue that affects even a single user can slow the whole project down. “Our technical team needed high visibility into our data centers and AWS cloud platforms, to enable us to react quickly when issues arise,” says Franck Martel-Badinga, Head of Infrastructure & Telecoms at Artelia.

“Cybersecurity is a challenge for all organizations globally. We have over 7,000 employees and plan to reach 10,000 by 2025. As a result, we are experiencing an increased number of attacks which are becoming more targeted and complex,” says Martel-Badinga. “To deliver a seamless and secure digital journey for employees and end customers, Artelia wanted to centrally monitor the end-user experience, servers, applications, and the network – even when teams are working remotely.”

“We have security tools, firewalls, antivirus, and malware software, but a good hacker knows how to easily go past the radar of traditional tools like antivirus solutions to gain access to the system, apps, or network,” explains Martel-Badinga. “So, we needed to monitor the normal behavior of our network and its systems to create a baseline. For example, an endpoint contacting 100 servers in two minutes is absolutely abnormal, but antivirus software on a PC wouldn’t flag this kind of behavior.”

Solution: Closing the visibility gap and accelerating the network

Artelia is a growing, multi-national operation, so a cloud-first approach was beneficial in terms of offering scalability and flexibility. The company was looking for a stable, common platform to gain visibility and unified observability to understand how everything – from devices to applications functions.

Artelia was already using Riverbed solutions for network optimization and monitoring. “In 2013,we selected Riverbed for its Network Performance Management (NPM) solution, while our partner, Phenisys, delivered the solution as a managed service,” says Martel-Badinga. “Extending our solutions with Riverbed was an obvious choice.”

“We leverage Riverbed’s Alluvio Unified Observability portfolio for unified visibility, which is a crucial compontent for our daily operations,” continues Martel-Badinga. “The Alluvio Aternity Digital Experience Management and Alluvio NetProfiler solutions provide us with visibility into all data across our networks, apps and end-users giving us invaluable actionable insights for the business. It enables us to make even better decisions to
continuously improve the digital experience for end-users and our overall business performance,” he adds. The company also deployed Alluvio Portal with the objective of strengthening detection and reducing the Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) cyberattacks.

The Alluvio solution was implemented across the offices of the Artelia Digital Solutions team alongside a scheduled Windows 11 upgrade. The new platform now integrates Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) for visibility, application troubleshooting with open telemetry and end-user experience measurement with real-time user monitoring. With Alluvio Aternity, Artelia can monitor and provide performance visibility and security at all hours, even when employees are working remotely. It does so by collecting information from endpoints and aggregating data from the network and data centers.

At an operational level, Alluvio Aternity enables Martel-Badinga and his team to benchmark performance. By sending alerts every time abnormal behavior is detected, the tool helps the support team speed up troubleshooting. “Aternity raises warnings of abnormal behavior which enables our staff to resolve those issues very quickly,” explains Martel-Badinga.

Benefits: Improved user experience and cyber security

The payoff has been far-reaching, as Artelia can now offer more consistent and effective worldwide support to its users and customers. Their end-users experience fewer issues with devices and applications and management now has all the data they need to make informed decisions and future investments for the business.

“The important thing here is that we detect abnormal behavior quickly and are fast to react, which increases the chance to mitigate the risk and impact of an attack,” says Martel-Badinga. Using Aternity, Artelia has detected nine cyberattacks in 2021. In terms of savings enabled due to higher productivity and fewer system/app crashes, Artelia is estimated to regain €2.5 million.

Encouraged by the results, Artelia now plans to broaden the use of Aternity in the coming months to all employees and obtain full visibility across all users. “We are also launching a study and proof-of-concept to extend application visibility in the AWS Cloud with Alluvio Aternity’s APM capabilities OpenTelemetry). This will help us reduce incident resolution times across our hybrid environment,” says Martel-Badinga, who is confident that their continued partnership with Riverbed will help Artelia stay proactive and expand visibility and observability into the heart of its business.

“IT requirements in terms of performance, security and resilience are at the top of the agenda for Artelia. Having such a strong partnership with Riverbed to support that conversation and reassure our customers their data is safe and the service is available 24/7 is mission-critical for us,” concludes Labrosse.

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Having such a strong partnership with Riverbed to support that conversation and reassure our customers their data is safe and the service is available 24/7 is mission-critical for us.

Antoine Labrosse
Chief Digital Officer

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