Resale Tax Certificates

Riverbed is currently registered to collect sales tax in 45 states. The specific forms are linked below.

Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate – Multijurisdiction

This form can be used for the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, DC, GA, IA, IL, KS, KY, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, ND, NE, NV, NJ, NC, NM, OK, OH, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, WI, WY. State specific registration number is required on the Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate - Multijurisdiction forms for CA, IL, MD, TN and WI.

State Specific Forms

·       FL – state registration and form required

·       HI

·       IN

·       MA

·       NY

·       VA

·       WV

Sales Tax

All Riverbed resellers (e.g. resellers, distributors, system integrators, and any other partner who purchases Riverbed products and services for resale to third parties) must comply with the sales tax requirements below. If you fail to timely provide the information requested below, Riverbed may (a) charge you sales tax on resale transactions, and/or (b) suspend accepting orders and any further shipments to you and your customers.

For all sales shipped within the US, the sales tax requirements are shown below. Even if you are not registered in the US or in a specific state, you must adhere to these requirements or pay the taxes charged on the invoice.

Riverbed is required to charge sales tax in US jurisdictions it operates in. However, Riverbed will not charge sales tax when it receives a properly completed certificate stating the sale is for resale. The resale certificate must be properly completed and conform to state law requirements. Riverbed will not accept a resale certificate that has not been fully completed. For example, a completed resale certificate generally includes the following:

  • Name and address of the seller (i.e., Riverbed Technology);
  • Your full legal name, address and other relevant information requested on the form;
  • Description of your business;
  • Description of the products being resold under the certificate, i.e., Riverbed's products (hardware and software), services and support;
  • Resale permit number from the state or "no nexus" statement with home state registration number if relevant and acceptable;
  • Certification under penalty of perjury that property or services are being procured for resale; and
  • Signed and dated by an authorized officer of your company with title.


If you are registered in a state the products are being shipped to, please provide your in-state registration number on the required form. If you are not registered in the state of shipment, then some states allow you to provide your home state registration number or VAT/GST number provided you do not have "nexus" in the state. If so, you must provide on the required form the following:

  • Your state of registration, i.e., if California, 'CA';
  • Your home state registration number, i.e., 12345678; and
  • A statement you have no nexus or physical presence in the state, i.e., "no nexus."

Many states require you to register in the state and you can not provide anything other than the state's registration number.

When a reseller can not provide sufficient documentation, then the reseller must either:

  • Pay the sales taxes;
  • Request that the product to be shipped to a location where the reseller can supply a resale certificate for; or
  • Register with the state in order to provide Riverbed a completed resale certificate.

Additionally, if you plan on exporting the product and are requesting Riverbed to ship to your logistics provider located in the United States, we will charge sales tax unless you provide sufficient documentation as required by law in the state you are requesting us to ship to. Please contact your sales representative or the Riverbed tax department ( for further information.

Contact information

Please submit the completed tax forms to us at You can also contact us for any questions pertaining to tax forms or sales tax requirements.

VAT Requirements

Generally, product shipments to Europe, Middle East and Africa will be processed from our Netherlands (NL) warehouse. Riverbed is registered to collect VAT (value added tax) in NL and we are required to charge 21% VAT for product shipments within the European Union (EU). In most circumstances, VAT will not be charged if you provide your or your customer's VAT ID on your purchase order. If you are charged VAT, you must remit the VAT with your invoice. You can obtain a refund from the NL tax authorities — please see below for specific instructions.

Shipping outside the EU

We will not charge VAT if the product is shipped outside of the EU regardless of billing location.

Shipping within the EU

Registered outside of Netherlands

  • EU Registered (e.g., France): we will need your VAT ID in order to avoid NL VAT from being charged. The VAT ID must be for the bill to address country.
  • Non-EU Registered (e.g., US): we will need your EU customer's or affiliate's VAT ID number in order to avoid NL VAT from being charged. The VAT ID must be for the ship to address country.
  • Exception for shipments within NL: we must charge you VAT if we ship to NL. You can either request us to route your shipment outside of NL or request a refund from the NL authorities, see below. [Example: French or US reseller selling to NL customer.]


Registered within Netherlands

  • Shipments within Netherlands: we do not charge VAT if we have your NL VAT ID and the product is shipped within NL.
  • Shipments outside Netherlands: If product is shipped outside of NL, we must charge you VAT.


Refunds of VAT

If you paid VAT, you can obtain a refund of VAT directly from the NL tax authorities at the following link: vat_in_the_netherlands/application_for_vat_refund/application_for_a_vat_refund

Contact information

Please submit the appropriate VAT ID to us at You can also contact us for any questions pertaining to VAT requirements.

GST Requirements

Riverbed PTE is registered to collect GST (Goods and Services Tax) in Singapore.   Product shipments to Asia are generally processed from our Singapore warehouse.  Products, software / support & services sales to Singapore customers and shipments to Singapore end users are subject to 7% GST charge. 

Refunds of GST

If you paid GST and are GST registered in Singapore, you may be able to obtain GST refund from the IRAS.  Please refer to the information provided by the IRAS at: