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Riverbed's SD-WAN (software-defined WAN) solution provides a powerful yet simple solution for designing, deploying and managing distributed networks for today's cloud-connected enterprises.

How SD-WANs are Supporting Enterprises

Software-defined WANs are quickly replacing traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) as more enterprises realize the need to rethink networking for today’s cloud-centric world. Today’s SD-WANs are providing organizations:

  • Improved business and IT agility by simplifying network management and design across the enterprise and public clouds
  • Lower costs by eliminating reliance on expensive MPLS connections to interconnect remote sites
  • Higher performance by leveraging multiple network paths and faster broadband connections for certain applications including cloud

Deploying SD-WAN ensures your wide-area network is optimized for cloud computing and can adapt to rapidly changing application and business requirements.

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Riverbed is transforming connectivity for the cloud-era with a complete cloud-to-edge networking solution that is powerful yet simple. At the core is software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology that redefines networking with greater operational agility and flexibility. The solution derives its power from a unique set of capabilities including a unified network fabric, integrated application performance management and centralized policy orchestration & automation.

Combined with the simplicity of a cloud-based management interface with single-click connectivity to the cloud, Riverbed’s Cloud Networking solution delivers the most capable and easy-to-use solution in the market. With over a decade of leadership in wide-area network (WAN) performance solutions, Riverbed has extended its networking leadership into the cloud-era.

Business Agility with SteelConnect's SD-WAN

Unified Network Fabric

Riverbed is the only vendor with a complete network solution that spans from the cloud to the edge, greatly simplifying the deployment and management of hybrid clouds and hybrid WANs with a centralized cloud-based management console. With our solution, you get a unified network fabric that extends connectivity to the cloud, data center, WAN, and Wired & Wireless LAN. No matter where your applications or users are, you will enjoy a consistent approach to your network infrastructure. Watch SteelConnect demo videos >

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Centralized Policy Orchestration & Automation

Simplify the deployment and management of networks with workflows that provide powerful policy orchestration and automation. Write policies in the natural language of business, not just ports and IP addressed, but based on users, location, application security requirements, and more. You can also spend network deployment from weeks to minutes with true zero-touch provisioning at the edge with design first and deploy later capability and one-click cloud connectivity to Azure and AWS with marketplace integration.

Integrated Application Performance & Security 

Riverbed ensures consistently high levels of application performance, security and visibility to assure a positive end-user experience and increased satisfaction. We enable real-time native visibility and monitoring of applications, networks, and end-user experience to achieve true digital experience management.
You can also set manual or automatic performance thresholds on a user and application basis, tap into analytics that identify issues before users are impacted and gain efficient management of local network breakouts. These capabilities combined with integrated WAN Optimization for enhanced performance and native firewall augmented with integration with best of breed partner solutions enables a complete cloud networking solution


GHD deployed Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution SteelConnect across 50 new offices in just four weeks, and we anticipate saving $1 million annually.
Elizabeth Harper, CIO, GHD

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