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Need for performance and visibility

Amidst a global crisis, the role of financial services has never been more important. Banks and financial markets need to rapidly transform themselves while also focusing on performance and visibility. To remain strong, the industry must digitize and modernize to help customers and employees adjust to new ways of working, while simplifying and accelerating the customer journey. Riverbed provides the visibility and performance necessary to help ensure a fast, secure user experience.

Hybrid Work Global Survey Financial Services Sector

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Hybrid Work Global Survey  Financial Services Sector

Financial Services Resources

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Benefits of Riverbed's Financial Services Solutions

Shorten time to diagnose and troubleshoot IT issues

As IT environments have become increasingly complex, network admins continually face the challenge of diagnosing and troubleshooting issues disrupting users from completing their transactions. When financial organizations use multiple visibility tools, the lack of integration increases time and effort to identify and resolve issues. Riverbed integrates packet, flow and infrastructure metrics so that IT Ops spends less time integrating and correlating data. The result: faster problem solving.


Improve user experience

Best-in-class customer service and frictionless customer experiences continue to be pivotal in banking. COVID-19 has exacerbated the need for digital solutions, video-based interactions, and omnichannel experiences. There is a necessity for banks to provide uninterrupted services, safely to customers and allow business to continue as usual. Riverbed monitors and improves the user experience of key banking and trading applications so your customers and employees get the application performance they need to move business forward.


Detect network security threats

With financial organizations managing fully distributed workforces due to COVID-19, security teams face even greater challenges in enforcing network security. The fidelity and scale of data gathered and analyzed by Riverbed Unified NPM aids security teams in detecting and addressing a number of security threats such as malware, blacklisted sites, and data exfiltrations.



Financial institutions are facing emerging technology challenges and new business models, as well as looming regulatory compliance. Cloud technology helps face these challenges, providing a faster, more elastic alternative to on-premises data storage and compute options. But with cloud comes the issues of cloud migration and hybrid monitoring. Riverbed is your solution for both.


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