Riverbed wants to help you be successful right away

Landing your first job out of college can be both exciting and terrifying. With new places, new processes, and new people, finding the right career path can be overwhelming.

We’ve created a new Engineering New College Grad Boot Camp to help you get a fast start.

  • You’ll get 3 months of training and orientation where you’ll learn about the Riverbed business, products, tools, processes, and culture.
  • You’ll meet and network with other brilliant new grads (we prefer the brilliant ones) who are also in the program, many of whom will become your colleagues and friends for life.
  • You’ll work hands-on with our products to hone your design, coding, and debugging skills.
  • You’ll see how your college curriculum stacks up against the pressure-packed software industry and real-world IT challenges of Riverbed customers.
  • You’ll learn what you’re best at, where you can make the greatest impact, and find your place in the software industry.     

After Boot Camp, attend our All-Engineering Job Fair to learn about the opportunities to choose from for your next job assignment. Select your area of interest, either honing existing skills or learning something new.

You’ll then join a team of experienced Riverbed engineers for a 3-month assignment, and then you’ll rotate to the next 3-month assignment of your choice. You can choose 3 different assignments during your first year at Riverbed, so you’ll really be able to figure out what you enjoy and where you would like to take your career.

You’ll know the products, the solutions, the customer challenges. You’ll be plugged into a global, cross-functional network of engineers. You’ll know how it all works, and be comfortable, confident, and capable. You’ll be more prepared than most and truly ready for your career.