SteelHead SD is a Complete, Powerful and Streamlined WAN Edge platform

A single solution that aggregates multiple network services for performance, security and agility across your network.  

  • SD-WAN & Cloud Connectivity:  Riverbed software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is based on simple, natural language policy so you can get more done. Policy extends across WAN, WLAN/LAN, data centers and Cloud so network silos don’t hold back innovation. And integrations with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Zscaler that are truly unique so cloud transformation can actually help you be more agile.
  • Enterprise Routing & Data Center Architectures:  Advanced networking capabilities enable integration of SD-WAN into the underlay so you don’t have to manage separate overlay and underlay networks. With support for OSPF/ABR, eBGP/iBGP, ASBR, VLANs and more, this SD-WAN appliance enables you to replace legacy routing equipment with a platform that’s built for the cloud era.
  • Performance & Visibility:  SteelHead has led the WAN optimization market for almost a decade. SteelHead SD integrates these market-leading WAN Optimization capabilities with market-leading visbility, security and other services on a modular, software-defined platform.  The result is a complete, seamless solution for strategic IT initiatives. 
  • Enterprise-grade Scalability & Resiliency:  SteelHead SD delivers enterprise-grade scale and resiliency against LAN failures, appliance software and hardware failures, as well as WAN uplink failures to ensure 24/7 business continuity. The result, fewer fire-drills, more progress.


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Technical Specifications

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 Model   Profile

SD-WAN Only Mode

Max SD-WAN (Auto-VPN) Throughput

Optimized WAN Capacity

Web Proxy Capacity

570 SD  2.0 Series Desktop    Yes 100Mbps 10Mbps 50GB
770 SD  2.0 Series Desktop   Yes 200Mbps Up to 30 Mbps 50GB
3070 SD 2.0 Series 1U Yes 500Mbps Up to 75 Mbps 200GB


 steelhead spec sheet downloadDownload the Riverbed SD-WAN Spec Sheet

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