Foskett’s Twelve: #NFD19


Foskett’s twelve

Stephen Foskett and his partner in crime and friend Tom Hollingsworth are en route for their next heist in the Silicon Valley. They plan to meet several vendors from November 7th to 9th for what is better known as the Networking Field Day. This will be the 19th edition and the 8th time Riverbed hosts the event.

Unlike Danny Ocean from the franchise of the same name, Foskett plans the Tech Field Day events in a very friendly and collaborative way. It is an opportunity for IT product vendors to share information and engage independent thought-leaders through presentations and demos in a discussion format.

The crew

For this episode, Foskett has recruited 12 network specialists with various backgrounds: veterans who attended several events as well as new champions who are more junior in this exercise. We already had the opportunity to present to the formers and they will be eager to better understand how Riverbed’s portfolio has evolved. No doubt the latter will have a chance to shine by asking qualified questions and providing constructive feedback based on their experience.

Feedback is a gift and this exercise is valuable for us as a vendor to build better products. The Riverbed team is looking forward to hosting the delegates at our Headquarter in San Francisco, this Thursday, the 8th of November from 3pm to 5pm PT.  This event will be live streamed so be sure to follow along.

The plan

Although Riverbed’s portfolio as a whole has evolved to address the Digital Performance challenges business face today, we will mainly focus on our SD-WAN portfolio during the session as per the following agenda:

  • Company overview and key updates presented by Romain Jourdan (@rjourdan_net)
  • SD-WAN 2.0 presented by Romain Jourdan. We are entering the next generation of SD-WAN and we will introduce our new product line.
  • Enterprise use cases and stories from the field presented by Zee Kallab. Up until now, SD-WAN was unicorns and rainbows. Now as Enterprise customers are adopting it, it gets real. We will share how to navigate the minefield of the brownfield with several use cases.
  • Demos and Hands-on. Brandon Carroll (@brandoncarroll ) will guide his former delegate colleagues through an entertaining session where everyone will be offered to get her/his hands dirty playing with Riverbed’s SD-WAN.

How can I watch and learn more?

Networking Field Day 19 will be live-streamed from  the event page, as well as  on Facebook. There will be recordings published on YouTube (Tech Field Day channel) and Vimeo (Tech Field Day presentations channel) after the event completes.

Also, for the Riverbed portion, we’ll be live-tweeting during the event so be sure to follow @Riverbed  to catch the stream. The official hashtag for the event is #NFD19 if you want to follow all the action that way or even join in on the conversation.

We hope you can attend live! And if you can’t, definitely watch the recorded videos which will be available shortly after the event and engage any of the presenters via social media.

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