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South African bank improves customer and employee productivity and efficiencies with full visibility of Digital Experience using Riverbed Aternity from Riverbed
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  • Lack of visibility of colleague and customer journeys across major bank platforms
  • Reactive (rather than proactive) to issues negatively impacting colleagues
  • Difficulty in isolating issues to application, device or infrastructure, leading to expensive and disruptive War-Room scenarios
  • Extended resolution times for issues leading to unnecessary business impact


  • Improvements to customer experience through enhanced visibility of customer and colleague journeys
  • Significant reduction in number of War-Room incidents through immediate domain isolation
  • Improved resolution times through better visibility and a proactive approach to issues impacting business productivity
  • Faster banking processes enabling improved performance and productivity of customer-facing employees


Absa Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Absa Group, offers a range of retail, business and wealth management solutions to customers across South Africa. With more than 600 branches and over 5,000 ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), the bank required greater visibility of its customer and internal business processes.

By leveraging Riverbed Aternity (part of Riverbed Unified Observability portfolio) from Riverbed, Absa Bank gained clear visibility of its customer journey and improved the overall employee and customer experience



“Riverbed Aternity has enabled us to have complete visibility across our entire network, allowing us to see from a 40,000 foot view what is happening across our estate.”

Aston McDonald, Chief Information Officer

Everyday Banking Physical Channels, Absa Bank

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