New SteelConnect Cloud: Easily Route Data to Zscaler Web Security


It used to be much simpler to manage and secure enterprise application traffic, but hybrid cloud topologies, encryption, and bandwidth-devouring media have changed the game forever.

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You can now enjoy category-leading hybrid enterprise security, thanks to a new joint solution that combines the best aspects of SteelConnect SD-WAN and the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform. The need is clear. In this altered landscape, old hub-and-spoke security solutions — like physical appliances and VNFs — are expensive to scale and operationally inadequate.

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology from Riverbed can provide an intelligent and simplified approach to designing, deploying, and managing distributed networks at lower cost and with improved control and security, with the Zscaler cloud-based security suite standing watch at the hybrid network's ever-increasing number of Internet breakouts.

The problem: Escaping the datacenter

Hybrid networks are the new normal, and traditional security solutions are operationally inefficient to support this changing landscape, particularly in the branch office. Last year, Enterprise Strategy Group found 91% of organizations reporting increased remote office/branch office (ROBO) IT complexity due to cloud.

A few reasons include:

  • ROBO Internet breakouts can force a trade-off between security requirements and performance SLAs
  • Establishing secure cloud connectivity at new or existing sites is complex to set up, monitor, and maintain
  • App developers often need new cloud services at a rate faster than what traditional IT practices can deliver

Cloud and mobile fundamentally change how, when, and where users work, with more and more apps and data escaping the confines of the enterprise datacenter. With some businesses reporting 60% to 90% of all traffic going to the Internet, it's clear that patched-up security solutions conceived in the 1990s are unable to secure a network IT can't control.

The Riverbed-Zscaler joint solution

That's why the new joint solution is exciting. Riverbed and Zscaler make it easy to migrate from a hub-and-spoke, datacenter-focused security infrastructure to a software-defined, Internet-only branch architecture based on secure, local Internet breakouts.

For those unfamiliar, as the company puts it, Zscaler "provides inline inspection of every byte of traffic to make sure nothing bad comes in and nothing good leaves."

With SteelConnect at the branch, outbound traffic can flow across the best available network, including low-cost Internet connections. You can direct traffic flow on an application-by-application basis. By establishing a secure tunnel between SteelConnect, Zscaler, and the cloud, identifying the source application and/or user for traffic that comes through, you have the flexibility to route “untrusted” traffic to Zscaler to inspect, secure, and protect. Zscaler provides the security and Riverbed makes it happen, all with just a few clicks.

This solution lets IT cover numerous bases:

  • Inspect all traffic to and from the Internet
  • Enforce security policies that follow the user, no matter where they connect
  • Create cloud security policies for user traffic inspection
  • Implement zone-based network segmentation
  • Push SD-WAN policies for user traffic steering
  • Provide a fast and secure user experience with Riverbed’s leading WAN acceleration and visibility capabilities

In short, it combines Riverbed's best-of-breed software-defined WAN capabilities with Zscaler's category-leading cloud security features, creating a true best-of-both-worlds solution for today's cloud-first hybrid enterprise.

Available soon, plus guides and webinars

When can you try it? The Zscaler-Riverbed integration will be available within the SteelConnect Manager console in the upcoming release – SteelConnect 2.9 – available a few weeks from now. This initial rollout greatly streamlines the Zscaler setup/integration process, and further enhancements, such as improved automation capabilities via RESTful APIs, are in the works for upcoming SteelConnect releases.

To learn more, visit the Riverbed + Zscaler technology alliance page, where you'll find both a solution brief and configuration guide.

On-demand webinar: Get Cloud Connected. Be Cloud Secure

Watch experts from Zscaler and Riverbed as they:

  • Explore key security requirements for cloud-focused transformations
  • Demonstrate how Riverbed SD-WAN easily and securely connects to the Zscaler cloud security platform
  • Reveal how customers are using Zscaler with Riverbed to transform their networks and branches

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